Markasky, Evelyn

Evelyn lives in Santa Cruz, California, but started her life in an edgy little steel town with a large immigrant population in Youngstown, Ohio. Life in Youngstown was shaped by steel and she is left with the image of the nighttime sky glowing pink from the blast furnaces 24 hours a day. It is this image she has subconsciously recreated in her studio with her torch; heating, soldering, coloring, and melting metal, not quite 24 hours a day, but close! 

She spent many of her college years in photo booths, creating images to use for her BFA in sculpture where she incorporated sculpture, jewelry, conceptual art, and comedy, not necessarily in that order. Her photo booth images became a ritual, and an obsession. They have been painted on silk, silk-screened, enameled, painted, traced, computerized, shrinky-dinked, made into a book, sewn, colored, plastered, etched, and cut out of metal.

Evelyn uses vitreous enamels sometimes for their colors, but mostly as a patina adding texture and an aged effect to her pieces. She continues her love of fire by torch-firing her enamel pieces. Her jewelry is organic, sensitive, and moody. Working (wo)man’s jewelry meant to be worn everyday.

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, Santa Cruz, CA, United States

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