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INTERview | Jessica Calderwood

Describe your work. I consider myself an image-maker and sculptor that works in esoteric craft media, such as enameling. I like to use a combination of traditional and industrial process to make my work. What is your background and training?  I received

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INTERview | Kathryn Osgood


Describe your work. I live on the Outer Banks Coast of North Carolina and my work is influenced by the flora and fauna of my coastal environment.  I enjoy forming and fabricating metal into 3 dimensional forms that mimic botanical

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INTERview | Sharon Massey


Describe your work: I make one-of-a-kind jewelry, objects, and sculpture inspired by the post-industrial landscape of Western Pennsylvania. I work mostly with steel, copper, and enamel, but I also fabricate silver components for my functional jewelry. What is your background

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INTERview | Averill B. Shepps


Please describe your work, and talk about your background and training: I am a magna cum laude Smith College graduate where I studied Geology and Art.  As a Geology student, I took courses in Chemistry and Physics as Geology is

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INTERview | Amy Roper Lyons


Amy Roper Lyons is a studio jeweler and enamelist. Her work expresses her love for the wonderful variety of form and color found in the natural world. Inspired by her garden, and long walks along the seashore near her home, she creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces in high-karat gold, enamels, and gemstones.

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INTERview | Terry Kovalcik


Terry Kovalcik — “Working in metal clay allows me to go beyond two-dimensional space.”
After more than 30 years working as an illustrator, I was drawn to metal clay as a way to bring form and movement into my art. Many of my pieces are made of multiple elements that hang, dangle and swing with the movement of the body. This gives the piece life and adds an element of whimsy. After sketching my designs on paper, it’s the process of creating, sculpting and assembling these pieces that are most gratifying. I’ve become passionate about making boxes that allows me to work on both the inside and outside designs—with the mystery of its interior and the secrets that can be hidden inside. These little surprises are special gifts to the wearer that they can choose to share with others. I create a sense of color and space through the use of various surface treatments — from highly polished silver to dark, textural matte finishes.

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INTERview | Chris Darway

2014-09-12 15.11.17

Christopher Darway has been working in metals for over 40 years as a designer, teacher and artisan. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in New Jersey he received a BFA in craft design from the Philadelphia College of Art. Over the years he has sold and exhibited work through galleries, shops and craft shows including ACC and Smithsonian Craft Shows. He is a two-time recipient of the New Jersey State Council of the Arts Award. His work has been exhibited in Germany, Japan (International Pearl Design Contest, prize winner) and England. He has taught at the University of the Arts, University of Delaware, and Montclair State University, NJ. He is a senior PMC instructor for the Rio Rewards program and is the former president of the Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths. He writes a monthly column for Art Jewelry Magazine.

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INTERview | Helen Elliott

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Helen Elliott is an MFA graduate of Kent State University in Ohio. She was a 1998 recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Fellowship, and in 2003 was awarded a 1% Public Art Commission for Lakeland Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore. She has also completed a commission for the Inner Harbor Hilton Hotel in Baltimore City. Her work appears in many publications, and she has exhibited widely in the USA as well as the UK, Canada, and Jamaica. She resides in Baltimore, Maryland where she works as a studio artist and teacher and does commissions.

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INTERview | Katharine Wood

Dual Valve Backflow Regulator

Katharine Wood received her BA from Boston University. She has taught at the Newark Museum, Craft Students League, Museum of Arts and Design, and Princeton University. Her work has been published in Metalsmith and Glass on Metal magazines. Ms. Wood was a featured artist in the publications The Art of Fine Enameling, and Enameling with Professionals. Kathy has been awarded numerous awards and has work in private collections, including the permanent collections of: The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA), The Newark Museum (NJ), The Woodrow Carpenter Foundation Enamel Museum (KY), and The Enamel Arts Foundation (CA). Kathy is a founding member of Enamel Guild / North East. She is also the co-creator of internationally used transfer etching technique for enamelists, metalsmiths, and jewelers and continues to exhibit nationally and internationally.

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INTERview | Melissa Cameron

Image of jewellery and wall works from the 'Jewel for a Wall' series. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel

Melissa is an Australian-born artist jeweller who lives and works in Seattle, Washington in the USA. She will be teaching a workshop on Enameling on Steel at the 23rd Annual Conference in White Plains Mar 18-21st as well as presenting at the conference on Sunday Mar 22, 2015 a the Westchester Center for the Arts.

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