Under Fire

EGNE 2015 ‘UNDER FIRE” Online exhibition – Juror statement

Having to choose enamel objects based on their representation in digital format added a challenge to viewing the work. However, lacking the seduction of their luscious surfaces provided me the advantage to focus on the quality of design. It became very clear in this process that professional quality photography is of utmost importance to help convey the true presence and quality of a piece. Very much to my regret, some strong pieces could not be included because of the lack of image quality.

It was exciting to see such a broad range of applications among the submissions to the first EGNE 2015 online exhibition ‘Under Fire’. The works range from traditional designs and techniques to thoughtful explorations of form, as well as the experimental use of enamel, all reflecting the diverse ways this medium can be interpreted and applied. They also reveal the dedication of artists in a field that has enormous potential.

Included here are pieces that were made by passionate and dedicated hobbyists along with others that show the sophisticated hand and mind of professionals. Harlan Butt’s work is an example of masterful skill in the traditional arena. There are refreshing interpretations of traditional techniques like cloisonné (Aurelia Guillaume) and champlevé as in Sharon Massey’s works alongside intelligent investigations of enamel application on hollow ware (Myra Mimlitsch-Gray) vessels and 3-dimensional wall pieces that leave the well-known tile format behind as in Kat Cole’s ‘The View’. This last in particular, makes me excited to imagine a future where these lively sculptural explorations will bring enamel back into the realm of public art where it once enjoyed a place in architecture.

The international submissions to this exhibition are testimony that enamel, with its long tradition in Decorative Arts and its more humble, utilitarian life in household appliances, is very much alive and moving towards a new era in creative contemporary studios.

Barbara Seidenath

Exhibition Committee Introduction

Thank you to all those who submitted work! We had 84 artists submit 279 pieces of work in the categories of jewelry, sculpture, vessels, and wall pieces. We received work from 20 states, and 4 other countries. While a ‘live in person’ exhibition provides viewing from all different angles from any perspective, only those within a close proximity to the venue are able to experience it. With this on-line exhibition, the submission… and audience… is global. It was a very exciting opportunity to provide.

The many wonderful pieces submitted made this a competitive jury process and selections were a tough decision. Being the juror for any art competition is a difficult task with numerous considerations to keep in mind. Barbara Siedenath has done a spectacular job in curating a broad showcase of traditional and experimental enamels, reviewing each and every piece for technique and creativity.

Special thanks to Kim Geiser and Jennifer Jordan Park who helped to make this a success.

~EGNE Exhibition Committee, Judy Wukitsch and Chryssa Saj

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