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IMG_0632Len's work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and organizations throughout...More Info

catpartyEnamel has been my preferred media for many years. The color and versatility all...WebsiteMore Info

Druin2001-pin-8Marilyn Druin taught herself the art of enameled jewelry in the 1960s while stud...WebsiteMore Info

TetheredShoot-20150118-148-4I create one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces in metal, enamels, beads and g...WebsiteMore Info

Ginkgo leaves series brooch-pendant Original-Zapp-72DPILara’s first encounters with art go back to her early childhood art education ...More Info

DSC_2744I am new to enameling but have loved everything I've tried so far.  I like wor...WebsiteMore Info

ASTONISHING VISTAS Linda Kaye-Moses, a studio jeweler since 1978, has exhibited at juried craft s...WebsiteMore Info

Kalimba-CuffAlan has been a board member of the Enamel Guild North/East USA since 1997. He...WebsiteMore Info

KRavitz Brooch-Pendant-Two-Fish-in-an-Autumn-Pond1Sandra was educated as a botanist at London University England , apprenticed to ...WebsiteMore Info

greenEvelyn lives in Santa Cruz, California, but started her life in an edgy little s...WebsiteMore Info

Space Frost copyI completed my BFA in Metals and Jewelry at the Savannah College of Art and Desi...WebsiteMore Info

Perry_01_LgHeart I am a native Pennsylvania artist who has been passionate about creating a...WebsiteMore Info

566655a44f952efb3f697575_pl2Amy Roper Lyons is a studio jeweler and enamelist. Her work expresses her love f...WebsiteMore Info